The Interconnectivity of Everything


According to the Quantum model, we are connected to everything, and we don’t need to be in close physical proximity to another object to affect or be affected by it.  This interconnectedness is through a concept called quantum entanglement or quantum nonlocal connection.  Quantum theory states that once two particles have interacted with one another, they are forever bound to each other irregardless of time and distance.  I recall reading years ago about an experiment where baby rabbits were taken to sea on a submarine.  At the precise moment, the baby rabbits were sacrificed 😦 the mother rabbit, hundreds of miles away in a lab had a measurable brain reactions.

The further one delves into quantum physics, the more seemingly esoteric it is.  In reality, quantum physics is the essence of physical reality and the mundane view held by the masses is somewhat ignorant.  I include myself in that, however, I am pretty intent on changing that.  Understanding the quantum model of the universe opens up vistas that are magical and enchanting.  Were Parisha Taylor to write about her childhood, one would be a bit hard-pressed to categorize it as nonfiction.  The nature of reality is awesome.  It’s tragic to be living on this Emerald beauty spinning through space and embrace the idea that one is bored with their life.


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